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Hello, hello and welcome to our humble abode!!! Since before we moved in I talked about starting a blog to document all the changes we make so here it is, only a year later but we’ve been a little busy around here. We plan to share all the dirty details of renovating our home with our own two four hands but also enjoying the updated spaces and fruits of our labor!

When Derek (aka Mace) and I began the house hunt about a year and a half ago we knew a house that needed work would be where we ended up, partially due to budget but more because we both enjoy and wanted to do home projects (he’s the builder and I’m the “designer”) and put our own stamp on the place. Fortunately this man has an extensive skill set when it comes to home building, repair, and maintenance (ain’t I a lucky girl!) and with year one under our belts tool belts he’s honed and picked up a few more skills!! But he’s not the only one who gets his hands dirty around here, I do my fair share of the grunt work and helping him where I can (which I attribute to many years of “assistant training” helping my dad during my youth). I also take on all the painting and visual appeal of the house. And while Derek and I are rolling up our sleeves, our dog Koburn (aka Kobe, Wolfman, Scruffy… its a long list) gets to sit back and enjoy the good life! We truly are enjoying this process and learning from our hits and misses and while juggling work, life, and home projects isn’t always easy we couldn’t be happier here and are loving turning it into our home!

-Carrie & Derek

2013 & 9 Glenbrook pics 726                  Koburn in lake                        2013 & 9 Glenbrook pics 427


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