Basement Wall & Floor Repair

Before we could start building we had to make sure we fixed any potential issues in the basement.  So now that the walls were exposed Mace took the opportunity to fill in any cracks in the walls and floors.  Here’s the before and you can see some of the cracks in the mortar.

basement wall before repair (3)

So Mace took a saw and dug out the cracks before filling them with a mixture that actually expands when wet.  Here’s the crack filing process.  You’ll also notice he took apart the baseboard heater so he could use real studs for framing the wall later.

basement wall & floor repair (3) basement wall & floor repair (1) basement wall & floor repair (5)basement wall & floor repair (2)

After about a week of prep work we were finally able to dry lock the basement, yay!!  Things were coming along!

basement wall & floor repair (4)

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