Ceiling Demo

When the demo crew came in and removed all the mold the only thing they didn’t do was the ceiling, so now we were up!  First things first, safety and picking your weapon.

ceiling demo (4) ceiling demo (1)

Time to take the token pic of “Look at me, I’m doing work”!

ceiling demo (2)

But I promise you we did actually do A LOT of work. Here are some pics during the demo process.

ceiling demo (5)

ceiling demo (8)

ceiling demo (12)

And after about 2 hours the basement looked like this.

ceiling demo (10) ceiling demo (9)

There was still a lot of work that needed to done; all the nails from the plaster had to be removed from the joists, we decided to take down the wrap around the beams (which was a good thing b/c they weren’t that secure after demo and had mold in them), we needed to get rid of all the debris, and suck up the remaining dust. It took two trips to the dump and one trip to Mace’s work site to get rid of all the debris.

ceiling demo (14)

Mace picked away at the other clean-up (and started making plans for all the other things he wanted to do now that everything was completely open) and by the following weekend the space was looking a lot better and now ALL the mold was gone.  Mace was doing a happy dance inside!!

basement wall before repair (2)

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