Tall Window Wells

In addition to our re-grading efforts we needed to address the window wells to further prevent against water in the basement.  Since we built up the front yard and weren’t going to dig out the bushes, the ground level became even with the wells and we needed the wells higher.  So instead of digging them completely out and getting taller window wells, we got extensions which we were able to attach to the existing wells.  Here’s a shot of the trench that had to get dug out and the extension well against the shorter well.

Window wells (12)

The well then gets secured to the house and the dirt goes back around it.

Window wells (1)

Here’s a shot of the before and after of the well heights. Mace was cursing me and the bushes when he did this project, did I mention how lucky I am to have him :)

Window wells (10)

Window wells (9)

Final steps were to add some pea gravel to the bottom for drainage and a rain guard.  It took a solid 10 hours of work to get both of these wells done but it makes Mace sooo happy (I mean soooooo happy) to make a space better and he’s ecstatic in the end.  Making this house better everyday, project by project!

Window wells (5)

Window wells (7)

Window wells (11)

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