Swapping Out Siding Fixes

Over the last few months Mace has done some siding replacements on the side of the house. We had left over siding from the garage that has been useful in replacing sections of the old siding when needed.

Side of house siding repair (1)

Here’s a piece of siding the actually broke at one point.

siding repair

Here’s a close up of the repair job and roof vent.

Side of house siding repair (3)

And here’s a shot of the siding where you can see repairs were tried in the past but left marks that just don’t look good.

Side of house siding repair (2)

And here’s the shot with all the siding replaced, it looks soo much better!  There are some marks from where the shutters were but they get covered up. Now we just need to get the shutters back up! We were all set to get all new ones butt hats been put on hold for now, hopefully next spring when the basement and kitchen are done. It’s a small change that probably wasn’t that noticeable unless you looked for it but every little bit helps make our home better!


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