Bedroom Mirror

So the master bedroom has been finished for almost 2 years and I am just now getting around to finally putting something in the blank space above our bed (hey, we’ve had a lot of other projects to do!).  I had mentioned I was originally planning to put the wall tins here but then I found too many I liked and put them in the living room.

final master bedroom 5

So once the wall tins weren’t an option I decided to go with one of the many mirrors I have collected over the years. Bob, Mace’s dad, has affectionately call our house “the house of mirrors” because there are so many… I don’t think its that many though.  Well I guess there is one or two in each room and in a small house maybe that’s a lot.  I’ll justify it by saying they make the house look bigger! It’s a bit of a problem for me, but I do enjoy collecting mirrors… you would think I actually looked in them and had more vanity but I just love the different frame styles, how they brighten a space, and help define the character of a room.  Dressy, casual, rustic, antique, you name it I love it!

Mirror in master bedroom (1)

Having 20 heads when he’s getting dressed threw Mace off but you have to make some sacrifices for style!  I’m still looking forward to the day we get a headboard and some new furniture for this room, kitchen first though!

Mirror in master bedroom (2)

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