Foyer Entrance Update

Since the living room is soon to be torn apart I thought I’d do a little recap of the “foyer” transformation.  Its a really small space in the house but its way more welcoming than when we first moved in.

Entry/Foyer Before

A different angle from our first Christmas.

Foyer before (2)

After the living room update it was shaping up but still pretty empty and unfinished looking.

foyer after paint (5)

I had toyed with rug options, which ultimately I didn’t use so I’ll have to see where else I can work them in design of the house.  Kobe didn’t really have a preference on the layout, I think he was just happy to have the hardwoods covered up because he prefers carpet!

foyer after paint (4)

foyer after paint (1)

foyer after paint (14)

And here’s the current “foyer”.  That mirror took about 12 months to get up on the wall (much like the mirror in the master) but it really finishes off the space nicely and adds that rustic touch that goes with the mantel.  The rug pattern went with the cornice but I decided it was too much and went with a simple seagrass rug. I love how it turned out!

foyer update after

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