New Roof = Face Lift

There’s been a little trend in our house recently where we’ve been outsourcing some work, and honestly its been kinda nice!!  And a huge time saver of course.  So shortly after we had unexpected work done in the basement we had a team out to replace our 15 year old roof.  There was a freak hail storm in June (and July too!) that did a lot of damage in our area and we had enough damage to submit to insurance and get it fully covered (score!).  So here’s a reminder of the roof before, greyed out and streaky.

Roof before

Mace was especially excited when the new roofing material showed up! Mace had tons of questions for the roofers and was very specific about how he wanted it done.

Roof materials (1)

So on install day he was right up there in the mix! I mean would you expect anything less from him!

new roof (1)

There was a crew of 5 people who worked on the roof and man did they turn it out, it went from this…

new roof (2)

To getting a new ridge vent…

Roof construction (1)

Repaired plywood sheathing, new felt, and ice and water shield protection…

Roof construction (2)

Too looking like this 4 hours later…

new roof (4)

Here’s a shot of the chimney step flashing before the counter flashing was installed.  We had a small leak around the chimney when there was a hard rain so we’re sealing up all the past issues in this house!

Roof construction (3)

And by the end of the day we had this!! Mace’s back was pretty excited too, because we had been planning on him doing this next spring. Obviously knocking it out in one day and not having to lift a finger was a win for us!

finished new roof (2)

And here’s a view from the back.  We also removed an old attic fan so that helped clean up the appearance of the roof as well.

finished new roof back (1)

This picture shows the new ridge vent which will allow for better air circulation in the attic. The roof color is a black walnut and brings life back to our house and removes a lot of age.  One guess about what else will soon be changing on the front of our house!

finished new roof (4)

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