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ceiling demo (5)

Ceiling Demo

When the demo crew came in and removed all the mold the only thing they didn’t do was the ceiling, so now …

kitchen floor investigation (4)

Peeling Back The Layers

Continuing with our kitchen reno prep, we decided to investigate the floor in our kitchen over the weekend.  In conversations months ago …

Reno Plan view #2

Kitchen Reno Plans

I’ve mentioned a few times recently that we’re hoping to do a full redo kitchen model later this fall so I thought …

Heater & wallpaper 2nd bedroom (1)

Last Wall Papered Room Down!!

Here’s a peak at a current project we’re working on.  For the last month we’ve been working on putting a closet back …

deck plans and layout (17)

Our Deck – The Beginning

As I have mentioned before, one of the main reasons we ended up going with this house was because of the opportunity …

Dining room investigation 2

Its A Four Panel Thing

With the garage pretty much wrapped up it was time to start preparing for the next big change, putting a slider in …