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Reno Plan view #2

Kitchen Reno Plans

I’ve mentioned a few times recently that we’re hoping to do a full redo kitchen model later this fall so I thought …

finished kitchen update 10

Kitchen Refresh Reveal

It was so exciting to have the kitchen update complete and feeling a lot fresher!  Here are some shots of the completed backsplash and …

kitchen picture wall 3

Picture Wall

Now that the kitchen refresh was almost done I had to do something to fill up that huge blank wall. I wanted to …

back splash update 4

Painted Backsplash

With the kitchen cabinets and walls painted it was time to focus on the backsplash since changing the counter tops wasn’t going …

kitchen paint 4

Another Wallpapered Room Down!

The kitchen was also fully wall papered and since my experience with the dining room I was much more proficient in removing …

cabinet update 14

Kitchen Cabinet Refresh

With the dining room and hallway updates done the next room on the list was the kitchen (the garage and office were on hold …